Do you need tooth extractions? Call Chalfont Dental Care today!

Dentists will often avoid the extraction or removal of natural, permanent teeth. However, certain situations may arise in which removal is necessary. This includes emergency tooth extractions, infected tooth extractions, and impacted wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Varvara Clark and her Chalfont Dental Care team provide simple and surgical extractions to assist patients who may benefit from removal.

Do I need wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom teeth are notorious for needing to be extracted in the late teen or adult years. This is because these teeth, which are the third molars and the last to erupt through the gum line, often do not have enough room and may become impacted. In case these come through, they have the potential to disrupt orthodontic treatment results, become difficult to clean, and increase the risk of periodontal disease or tooth decay.

What other reasons might I need my teeth removed?

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Extractions may also be done to:

  • Prepare for orthodontic work
  • Address overcrowding in the smile
  • Place full dentures in the dental arch
  • Remove infected or severely damaged teeth

What extractions are performed at Chalfont Dental Care?

Dr. Clark offers both simple and surgical extractions, avoiding referral to specialists and keeping patients in the office with the team they already know and trust!

When might I need emergency tooth extractions?

At Chalfont Dental Care, we offer timely emergency tooth extractions to address urgent dental needs. This might be due to an infected tooth that cannot be saved with the root canal therapy treatment or a tooth that has sustained significant damage or breakage. Wisdom teeth that have become infected or abscessed may also be removed quickly to address the situation and get the smile back to health.

Do I need tooth extractions?

Dr. Varvara Clark and her team at Chalfont Dental Care will evaluate you to determine if you could benefit from tooth extraction. Her office is 8 Meadowbrook Lane, Suite 1, in Chalfont, PA, and can be reached by calling (215) 826-3282. She serves patients in the cities of Montgomery County, New Britain, Hatfield, North Wales, and Doylestown, PA, regardless of whether or not they are current patients of the office.